CEE That Girl? She Wanna Tell You About Her World.

Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska
3 min readApr 5, 2021


Things get crazier in the World. And they get crazier in Europe. Oh, and in the CEE things got crazy a long time ago. But what am I talking about?

Let me tell you some stories, accurate ones, that are happening in my surrounding. It’s going to be subjective but this is how we create columns of our own. I wanna explain the rest of the World, probably those of you who live very far from here, how the things work here.

A photo in an elevator cannot prove I have a job — but please believe me.

To briefly describe a person who is going to tell you all these things, here are some insights important for the stories I wanna tell:

I’m a 24-year-old (okay, I’ll be in exactly 7 days, but never mind) Polish girl, entrepreneur and startup enthusiast. Privately, I’m a wife of extraordinarily intelligent and clever guy and I’m not a student. I’m neither vegan, nor vegetarian, metro commuter and a moderately sporty person. I tend to call myself ‘normix’ which I explain as ‘a person who is rather ordinary and always expects commonness’. This whole composition can sound weird but will make more sense for the next remarks I want to write soon.

Okay, a very important question — what does the “CEE” stand for? Fair enough!

CEE, or Central and Eastern Europe, is a group of European countries, which history used to kiss off a bit, and also made us create a sad / funny composition of a cultural and historical cringe. Sociologists say that it is a region with “common cultural and historical roots” and “a common past as buffer socialist republics subordinated to the USSR or constituting its part as Soviet republics.

The last element is especially important, “(…) Soviet republics”, which puts “I’m from Poland” together with “it’s a part of Russia, right?” in just one conversation. This is actually a good question, but we won’t answer it today.

I, for example, do not look like a typical slavic girl, soviet-related one definitely not, maybe a bit like a Croat, apparently not like a Romanian.

Here it’s more like Siberia girl but it’s only because Polish winter 2021 was pretty cold.

And one more useless definition that sounds great but means ZERO is a V4 Group (Visegrád Four) which is almost like F-16 (Fighting Falcon) but it’s nothing more than Poland+Czechia+Slovakia+Hungary.

I decided to put PL (Poland) and HU (Hungary) separately, consciously. Give me some time, I’ll explain soon. But my job is somehow related with a V4 Group so on daily basis I pride off to be in it, life.

A photo with no mask outside feels super weird — but it’s me with a piece of our great Polish-Russian (gift) Palace of Culture and Science.

Great, I have already expressed my pride, and you know who I am — now it’s time for stories. There will be a few of them, they will be extremely subjective and up-to-date, but that’s my goal.

Do widzenia!



Karolina Wilk-Tryjanowska

Founder at Nieobce (language brand), COO at ReaktorX (startup accelerator). My days consist of: innovation, business and coffee. And I‘m super excited about it.